Central Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

At James Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer you the best HVAC systems to meet all of your home’s heating, cooling and filtration needs. Our high efficiency central air systems not only save you money, they also make both our planet and your home a better place to live. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by James Heating & Air Conditioning.


Ruud Air Conditioning & Heating Systems

Ruud air conditioning and heating systems have been a leader in forced air systems since the 1950’s. Ruud has grown into one the North Americas largest manufacturers of quality heating and air conditioning systems. You can learn more about Ruud Air Conditioning and Heating systems here: http://www.ruud.com/about/

Ruud is an industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. In fact, Ruud is one of the few brands with product offerings covering residential and commercial heating, cooling, conventional storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, replacement parts and accessories for all categories – making us a one-stop solutions provider.

All Ruud heating, cooling and water heater heating products meet and exceed rigorous industry standards for quality and reliability. From raw material delivery to finished product assembly, each phase in the manufacturing process is effectively overseen to ensure the highest quality in water heater manufacturing. Ruud products are frequently tested and certified by various government and third-party testing labs to ensure quality standards.
Heating and Air conditioning installation in Eugene, Springfield, and Salem
Heating unit service in Oregon
Heating and Air Conditioning service in Eugene, Springfield, and Salem

James Heating installs Honeywell programmable thermostats that maximize the efficiency of your system as well as the comfort inside your home. They feature automatic set-up or interview-based programming that make it easy to get the most out of your HVAC system. Your new indoor control unit also includes advanced diagnostics, internet connectivity, precise temperature control and time of use scheduling designed to give you years of dependable consistent and efficient comfort.

Clean Comfort Indoor Air Essentials

The comfort inside your home is about more than just temperature control. James Heating offers systems that cleanse and improve the quality of the indoor air your family breathes. These include Humidity Control, Filtration, Purification and Ventilation.

Humidity Control

James Heating & Air Conditioning systems use a variable speed air handler to lower the humidity and increase the comfort in your home. Variable speed units circulate air against the cooling coil, adding or removing moisture, making your home more comfortable while using less electricity than regular motors, reducing your energy costs.

Air Filtration

James Heating & Air Conditioning offers traditional filter systems, electronic air filter systems and even ultraviolet light filtering systems, which eliminate germs and bacteria from your indoor air.

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